A full week of sprinting on Pyramid

5 to 9 December 2016, set in the beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Igor Kolar

Jernej Urankar

Python Enthusiast.

Rok Arih

I enjoy building web applications and solving programming challenges. Most of my love goes out to JavaScript because it's turning into a modern, reliable programming language. Working for Termitnjak d.o.o. since late 2015.

DragonSprint's help at hand man.

Sandi Šemrov

Just finished Msc in computer science and informatics. I prefer software development in sophisticated programming languages. Most experienced in Java.

Martin Frlin

Martin is a Python developer from Slovenia. Mostly experienced in backend programming. He likes to learn new things and play video games.

Stanko Levicar

Stanko Levicar is a Web development enthusiast - especially in Django … but looking forward to learn Pyramid as well. Also interested in machine learning, web scraping and real-time web.

Maksym Shalenyi

Python geek and full-stack web developer, big fan of component-based architecture, TDD/ADD and Pyramid framework. Loves cycling, traveling and writing maintainable code without "reinventing the wheel".

Gabrijel Persin

Gabrijel is a PhD level expert in electrical/mechanical engineering with signal processing skills related to diagnosis and prognosis of mechines. Excited about Python based Open Source solutions, and skilled in CMS Plone. One of the founding members of Termitnjak d.o.o.

DragonSprint organizer.

Jure Cerjak

Python developer, enthusiastic about Open Source and specializing in web development, mainly with technologies Pyramid/Kotti, Flask and Plone CMS. Co-owner of Termitnjak d.o.o. In spare time he likes to dabble with vintage analog synthesizers.

DragonSprint organizer.

Tadej Justin

Tadej holds a PhD in electrical engineering, and has developed skills in signal processing and pattern recognition related to speach technologies, and generally enthusiastic about using Python in research. One of the founding members of Termitnjak d.o.o. with strong motivation to contribute to Open Source Python based web solutions.

DragonSprint organizer.

Steve Piercy [remotely]

Steve maintains and updates documentation for Pyramid and other projects under the Pylons Project. He organizes the Santa Cruz Python meetup, and leads tutorials for new Pyramid developers. Although he regrets not being able to attend in person, he will be available remotely to assist.

Chris McDonough [remotely]

Chris is a long time Python developer and primary author of the Pyramid web framework. While he sadly cannot join the sprint in person, he pledged to help us out remotely.

Malthe Borch

Jack of all trades, jack-in-the-box, Pythonista but always exploring new technologies. I'm also writing my own programming language! Tags: Pyramid, C, WebAssembly, LLVM, Databases

Jan Likar

A Python dev concerned about privacy in the information age. Likes OSS, crypto and fiddling with hardware.

Janez Troha

Mixer of web related techologies, pragmatist.

Gasper Vozel

Web developer who is very process oriented, likes to have organised workflow and well defined tasks.

Lívia Dobai

Database developer turned Web developer. Novice but determined in Python. Tags: Django, Javascript, Front-end

Tom Lazar

A web developer who prefers working on Free, Open Source Software. Really likes Python, Pyramid, FreeBSD and Beer.

Mikko Ohtamaa

Bitcoin, open source, infosec hacker and Helsinki Python meetup organizer. Doing web and mobile since 1995, programming since 1989.

Matthew Wilkes

Domen Kožar

Nix and Elm developer learning Haskell. 10 years of experience building Python applications.

DragonSprint organizer.

Nejc Zupan

Geek since he was able to walk. Ditched academic spheres for excitements of start-ups and entrepreneurship powered by open-source. Co-founder or MladiPodjetnik.si, NiteoWeb Ltd. and SecuCert/SafeSigned. Avid windsurfer & stand-up-paddler.

DragonSprint organizer.


DragonSprint is a week-long sprint on Pyramid. The sprint takes place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU in the first week of December (5th to 9th). The main two sprint topics are Pyramid 2.0 and Pyramid for Newcomers.