A full week of sprinting on Pyramid

5 to 9 December 2016, set in the beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia

Support Us!

Organizing the DragonSprint is a labor of love. Nobody is getting paid to do it, but we want to make the sprint as great as possible. In order to do so, we need some support from the Pyramid community to cover sprint expenses. Besides the venue cost we would also like to provide food for all sprinters so we can all focus on Pyramid instead of bodily needs.

Ideally, we would be able to cover travel and accommodation expenses for people on a tight budget or from very far away places.

Our budget breakdown is as follows:

  • Venue: 500€
  • Lunch: 5 days * 20 people * 5€: 500€
  • Dinner: 4 days * 20 people * 15€: 1200€
  • Graphics: 200€, (logo, web, nametags, T-Shirts, etc.)
  • T-Shirts: 20 people * 15€: 300€
  • Niceties/emergency: 200€

TOTAL: 2700€ (+2000€ for travel/accommodation expenses for financially disadvantaged)

Whatever is left will be donated to the Python Software Foundation.


DragonSprint is a week-long sprint on Pyramid. The sprint takes place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU in the first week of December (5th to 9th). The main two sprint topics are Pyramid 2.0 and Pyramid for Newcomers.