A full week of sprinting on Pyramid

5 to 9 December 2016, set in the beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Monday, December 5: arrivals, sprinting, welcome dinner
  • Tuesday, December 6: hardcore sprinting action
  • Wednesday, December 7: hardcore sprinting action
  • Thurdsay, December 8: sprint wrap-up, Ljubljana Python Meetup & Party in the evening
  • Friday, December 9: sprinting and departures

If someone wants to come earlier or stay later to do sightseeing and similar activities, do contact us and we'll help you plan or maybe even tag along.

Ljubljana Python Meetup

Our sprint venue, Poligon, holds quarterly Ljubljana Python Meetups regularly attended by many local Python developers. And guess what, this time the meetup will happen on December 8th, our last sprint day.

This is a unique opportunity to showcase Pyramid, the product, and Pyramid, the community, to the larger Python community in and around Slovenia. We have slots for two talks and it would be great to have one Pyramid success story and one Getting started with Pyramid demo-style talk. Could you do one of these talks? Please contact us!

One of recent meetups in Poligon
The first meetup years ago


DragonSprint is a week-long sprint on Pyramid. The sprint takes place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU in the first week of December (5th to 9th). The main two sprint topics are Pyramid 2.0 and Pyramid for Newcomers.